30 Jun

Been wanting to blog about this but I got too busy! (Too many activities and that also means too many photos to edit and blog! Haha!)

Attended another (more advanced) scrapbooking class with Shuqi last month. It was so much fun!

Compared to our 1st class, I was more serious! No joking around in class, else later cannot finish again!

Oooh.. These are recycled from paper cartons!
Looks like big kit kats to me! Haha!
Hadn’t had my breakfast yet.. So doing this made me feel extra hungry!!

It’s amazing how a small piece of string can change the style of the lightbulb..
Like this! (And the vase too!)
Really love this one! Can add a little photo album at the side too! ♥

The front view!
My incompleted masterpiece! But.. Close enough lah! Haha!
Surprisingly, this is actually very simple to do!
But very time consuming too! I practically spent the whole day doing just that!

Saw another interesting creation at the shop!

I wanna learn this too! :)

Last Sunday, Shuqi and I arranged to meet up and do our scrapbooking!

So I went to AMK Hub to develop my photos~

Steffi: Ah mai 你要去哪里?
Me: 我去 AMK Hub 拿照片而已。很快就会来了。
Steffi: 我也要去!
Leroy: 我也要去!
Me: Eh.. 可是我只是去一下子..

Then they went to wear their slippers! OMG! How to say no! They wanted to go out so badly!

Mamalove and Sis: 不可以去! 回来!

Surprisingly they obediently removed their slippers and returned to the house!

WAH WAH WAH! (So rare for them to be sooo well-behaved! Haha!)

Was waiting for the lift and they were standing at the door, looking at me and repeatedly saying, “Ah Mai bye bye!”

Aww~~~!! I felt so bad for not bringing them along!

Got back from AMK Hub..

Steffi: Ah Mai 你买什么东西
Me: 照片 lor.. *Showing her the photos*
Steffi: 是我的照片!

And in the end..

Curious Stacci trying to see the photos too.. Haha! ♥
Curious Stacci again! ♥
Gong gong de Stacci

While travelling to MacDonald’s for brunch..

Shuqi: 为什么弟弟这么安静啊?
*Turned back to look at the kids in the backseat*
Shuqi: 你看弟弟

I turned back to see..

Me: 哇! 弟弟你生气啊??

(Actually he looked even fiercer than the photo above! And his eyes were glaring at us! Hahaha! This cute little si gina!)

Haha! Don’t know why he was grumpy in the car though! But later he was okay. Oh, maybe because I didn’t sit with him? He likes to be hugged and carried! >.<

Ate brunch and went to Shuqi's house.. Their little paradise!

And they love the curtains, especially Leroy! LOL!
LOL! Lidat also can! *Slaps forehead!* ♥

It was extra funny when he made that cute sound while smacking Steffi’s head!

Even though he shouldn’t hit his sister lah! Even if it was just for fun!

Surprisingly, they were pretty obediently for the whole afternoon! ♥

Good! We could work on our scrapbooking! :D

Then Shuqi played Happy Feet 2 movie for them to watch and..

Steffi got glued to the TV!
Not long after..

Haha! And the little sleepyheads slept the rest of the afternoon away~~♥

Until they woke up and Leroy ate tibits and kept dropping them while poor Shuqi followed him around to vacuum the floor! *FAINTS!*

Finally.. I delivered back to their parents! Mission accomplished! ♥

And previously, on our way back home..

Steffi: Ah Mai, 为什么我们去一下子而已?
Me: 哪里是一下子而已??

Haha! Shuqi came to fetch us at 1pm and we got home around 9plus at night leh!

Steffi is always doing some random, funny things!

And Leroy is beginning to abandon his “Emo Prince” image and do random, funny things too! That’s good lah! Better than sulking and crying all the time!

Guess who is this?
It’s little Leroy!

A couple of days ago, Shuqi whatsapped me this photo and wrote “lost and found”!
Hahaha! These 2 rascals left their cars at her home!

(Sidetrack.. Wah seh! Shuqi’s photography skills improved liao sia! xD)

I even asked them if they had taken their cars before leaving Shuqi’s house and they said YES! I guess after Shuqi bought them new Happy Meal toys, they forgot their old toys already!! Haha! Until now they haven’t ask about their cars yet lor!

The only thing they was.. When can they go there again!

Steffi knows it’s “Shu Shu” 姐姐’s house while Leroy thinks it’s Ah Mai’s house! *FAINTS!*


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