Just some game(s) addiction

16 Jul


Most of us had played these..

Words with Friends
Hanging with Friends
Scramble with Friends

And now presenting.. MATCHING WITH FRIENDS!

Had downloaded the game as the previous games had been fun and well, VERY addictive. However I didn’t bother to play it as I thought it was gonna be some lame card matching game.

While waiting for the bus today, I played this to pass my time and MY LIFE WAS CHANGED.

Okay, that’s too exaggerated. Maybe not my whole life. LOL! But seriously, this game IS addictive! (Although I predict that I will stay addicted on this game for only a couple of days more.. ;P)

Just to show off before more people can get this score (or way higher!!) after more practice! Wahaha! (Okay, so maybe people are ALREADY getting awesomely high scores.. But I don’t care! I’m still proud of my high score! *Pouts*) #CheapThrills LMAO!

Thought I got that score by luck..

“..Baby say yeah yeah yeah~ Don’t say no no no~” *Dance dance twist twist*

(MBLAQ’s Mona Lisa, just in case you are curious.. Haha!)

But seriously eh.. I don’t know how that happened too. Lucky.. Again? Muahaha!

Some quick updates on my current favorite game: BAKERY STORY

Currently, this is how my bakery looks like..♥
Ahh~ The sight of tips on every table always make me so happy! Shiok lah! ♥

Added more striped pink wallpapers as well as more white tables and chairs. My level is low and I don’t have much space and money.. *Sulks* So I can only splurge on normal tables and chairs (low costs, bring in more coins)!

Nonetheless, I indulged in a weeny bit of lavish shopping by buying more donut tables and chairs! Love them! Cute max! Bought the Hawaiian Greeter and the Flower Balloons too! Aww!! So so cute!! o(^▽^)o

So so so gonna buy this!! ♥♥
How can MY bakery don’t have “me” (aka bunny).. Right? xD

And I’m gonna buy this too!! ♥
(Dolphins always remind me of Elise! Haha! Of course, I must buy my “dearie friend” and put her in my bakery too! And in my house at SimsSocial as well! Heh!)

Once again, my storm8 ID is PrissyMissyRoxs, in case anyone wanna add me! :D


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