Eyelashes Extension @ Carragheen

29 Jul

Previously read about eyelashes extension from Xiaxue’s blog..

Taken from her blog:

Please note: Only ‘Natural’ and ‘Wild’ are under promotion
This is the Carragheen’s Facebook page:
They didn’t give me any cleansing, massaging with hydrating plasma though! Only gave me the mask. Erm……?

Hello Cab Uncle (again)! :D
Love this photo because the shades reflect my hands holding my hp to take a self-shot! Cool ya! :3

When the cab reached Liang Siang Street, I started to wonder where the shop could be!

Alighted, looked to my left.. AHH! THERE IT WAS!
So lucky! I didn’t even tell the cab uncle what was the unit number lor! It’s so amazing that he happened to stop so near the shop! #thankyouGod ♥

The consultant was very patient and kept emphasizing that there may have some discomfort. (Must have kena too many complaints from customers who never do eyelashes extensions or wear fake lashes before lah! Haha! Seriously, 要美就要付出代价!)

I thought it would be really bad but after my “operation” was done.. Okay leh! More comfortable than wearing fake lashes lor!! Chey, scared me! Hahaha!

And I must say, the whole “operation” was so comfortable until I dozed off a few times! Heehee! Woke up and found myself with a lovely pair of eyelashes! How magical! #LifeIsAwesome ♥

Served me tea after my operation..
The main point is, their table is pretty! Lol! #random

Suddenly remembered the makeup area that Xiaxue mentioned.. There it was!
Wah! Really have cosmetics for us to use freely! But if you don’t mention, they also won’t mention.. Same goes for the free makeup worth $58!

Then again, I seriously don’t think the makeup is worth that amount. I can confidently say I do a better job. And our conversation was like..

Her: What do you want me to do for you?
Me: Huh? Eh.. Cover these? *Points at my pimples*
Her: Okay.. What else?
Me: Huh? Erm.. Blusher? (Thinking: I need to tell her step by step??)
Her: What color do you want?
Me: (Thinking: Huh? Colour also wanna ask me?) Pink bah..
Her: Okay, and then what?
Me: Eyebrows please
Her: Colour?
Me: Brown..
Her: Okay, anything else?
Me: Eye shadows?
Her: Done, what else?
Me: Ehh, I’ll finish up myself.. Thanks.

But she’s a pretty nice lady and the makeup she did for me was still passable.. So nevermind lah! Anyway it’s free so mai hiam lah!

And oh, I also got this for free! :)

For those who wanted to see my new (awesome) lashes, here you go!

Can you see my new lashes? :)
Hmm.. Not clear enough.

Here’s a really close de closeup shot! :D
Ahh, my beautiful lenses! Speaking of that, I need to replenish my supplies soon! Only left with 3 pairs, including the one I’m currently wearing!

So loving my new lashes! ♥
From this view, you can’t really see that I have eyelashes extension. (That’s why it’s called Natural. They are very obvious if you see me in person though!) However, my upper lashline is darker, thanks to the extensions! Makes it look like I drew eyeliner right?

Wanted to do the Wild lashes actually.. But I chickened out. Just worried that my bosses and colleagues may not be able to accept that. Haha! Let’s see how it goes. May try the wild lashes next time! :3


3 Responses to “Eyelashes Extension @ Carragheen”

  1. nurul July 30, 2013 at 8:52 am #

    How much did u do your eyelash extension? And hw long does it last? Can I also know where u buy ur contact lens? :)


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