A simple, happy day~♥

14 Aug

Started the day by going to my sis’s house and look for my little gems!

It has become part of my routine to walk together with Mamalove and them (Lucky babies in their pram! Haha!) before they go off to their child care centre while I head over to the MRT station (reluntantly)! Then the kids would keep shouting “AH MAI BYE BYE!!” and wave and wave and wave even when we are so far apart! I LOVE MY GEMS!! :):):)

简单的小幸福啊! *感恩* ♥♥♥


Finally started playing Slotomania last weekend, thanks to my (super addicted) sis and Steven! Haha!

Wah seh! Haha! But I think it’s some kinda bug?
Don’t think I got the money though!

After collecting all the bonus shared by my Slotomania friends.. YES LAH! ♥
Wow! So many of my friends are playing this game!!
Rich again! Lol! xD


OMGOMGOMG!! Sweet Angela helped me to get this from Hong Kong!!
Love this gothic version so much!! Somemore it says “singing bone”!! ♥



And of course.. Food always make me happy~ Haha!

Jelly beans and chocolates!!

Sashimi is my weakness! “..Mama mia! There it goes again.. Oh oh! How can I resist you!!”

#thankyouGod for all my happiness today! Please continue to bless me!

If everyday is simple and happy like this, life would be so perfect! :)


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