Have You Checked Eh!?

16 Aug

Woke up in the middle of the night.. Suddenly remembered.. My SingTel bill! Used my iPad2 to check if they have done the adjustments for my bill yet!

My bill was $100+ last month!! By right the amount shouldn’t exceed $70, if I don’t exceed the sms, talktime and data plan.

Did a check and realised that:

1. My tagged on plan for my iPad was increased from $5 to $10.

SingTel’s explanation: Promo was over. If I don’t ask, they don’t intend to inform me??

2. They had been charging me CALLER ID for my iPad2’s tagged on plan since September 2011!! (Wow, I didn’t know iPad2 can receive phone calls. *Sarcastic*)

SingTel’s response: Initially they only offered to refund 1 MONTH ($5+).. Of course I demanded them to refund me ALL! Never charge them interest already hor!! Thank God, they agreed!

3. They charged me $28.04 for excess data usage! 3 TIMES, IN FACT! For someone who hardly download shows.. How to use more than 18GB in a month!?

SingTel’s response: Initially told me that their engineers had checked and confirmed that I had indeed used so much. Hence, they won’t be refunding me. But.. So ridiculous, right?? 18GB is too ridiculous!

After double checking with my IT (and IT savvy) friends, I’m absolutely confident that SingTel made a mistake! Even my friends who download and watch a lot of drama serials don’t use up more than 5GB! So how could I use 18GB+ when I hardly watch drama serials??

Got many rubbish answers from them and below was the most classic ‘explanation’..

Staff: Maybe you don’t download many shows but the ones you download are very high resolution ones. Hence, the data usage is so high.

Me: YA RIGHT. Where can we find very good quality videos to download? 18GB leh. You know where? Can you please tell me? Because I never heard of it.

Told them that I would not hesistant to lodge complaints to the management, media, newspapers.. If necessary! Amount overcharged is not a big sum. But it’s so ridiculous lah! I buay song pay!

Finally they gave in and agreed to refund me.

NPNT so here goes~ ;)

After this incident, I started to check my data usage every now and then!

SingTel users can use the app to check!
And my usage as of today is..

And oh, previously I told the Singtel that I checked the usage recorded in my iDevices.. But he said SingTel don’t accept the usage readings there!

So do check with SingTel’s usage records ya! Beware!


Have been a SingTel user for years. Never receive a single voucher. Speaking of that! Another incident.. Unpleasant one, of course! (SingTel leh!)

Me: My friend just received a voucher, can you please help me to check if I also have?

Staff: Sorry mdm, you don’t have. You need to be with SingTel for 21 months to get it.

Me: But I’ve been with SingTel for YEARS and I never receive a single voucher!

Apparently, you need to be with SingTel for 21 months.. And if you renew your contract before they send out your vouchers, that mean you won’t get your voucher! And your duration with SingTel is considered 0!

I guess SingTel feels that it’s not necessary to reward LOYAL customers once they auto renew their plan.



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