Random Outing(s) with Ah Zhang and Elise

19 Aug


Woke up with sleepy Cookie in my arms! ♥
Went to meet Ah Zhang and Elise to go bai bai! Didn’t take any photos in case it is considered disrespectful.


After praying.. TIME TO EAT! (Eh.. Considered late lunch or early dinner..??)

Wanted to snap a photo of my food and ended up..

Me and Elise!
Hahaha! Okok, here’s a lovely photo of my late-lunch-early-dinner!

Hot Tomato is ♥!!

It was still early so we went to la kopi! #TheThingsThatOldPeopleDo LOL!

Starbucks.. Round 1! ♥
Happily nuahed there as if it were my house! Muahaha! But it was so comfortable!

Trolling Elise! Lol!

Went to sing KTV with Ah Zhang’s friends. Unless absolutely needed, I won’t ever go singing with those rude mic hoggers who can’t sing! And that awkward moment when the singing was damn bad and out of tune but yet they still clapped and said they sang well. Oh jeez. (Since they were so rude, I need not hold back the truth here! Lol!) If not for Ah Zhang’s and Elise, I would have left first!

Dear God, thank you for blessing me with friends who sing well + won’t hog the microphone + talk loudly EVERY time when others are singing!

Since they kept inserting their songs and my songs kept getting pushed down.. I took the opportunity to play my Slotomania!!

Woohoo! What a lucky night I had! Haha!

And since I didn’t get to sing much.. Went to camwhore too! #FullOfExcuses Muahaha!

Flattering angle = Instant slim face! Tada! :D
When there’s no flip up LCD screen, the next best alternative.. MIRROR!!

After the KTV session, Ah Zhang and I shamelessly became the “lightbulbs” while Elise met up with her friend.. LOL!

Nuahing at Starbucks.. Round 2! #TheThingsThatOldPeopleDo (AGAIN! LOL!)
Oh my oh my! Their ice blended Dark Mocha is good! I like!! ♥

Ever since I drank Starbucks’ ice blended mocha latte (many years back), I found it too freaking sweet and since then, I only drink hot mocha latte! So happy to find another choice!! Yippee!


Time passed so fast when I’m out with friends! :):):)

And we could be out for just 1 outing.. Which leads to another. And another! Then before we knew it, 1 whole day was gone! Love the telepathy and rapport we have! Able to understand and catch one another’s jokes (or ‘suanings’)! Haha!


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