How do people react..

20 Aug

..when a 小强 appear out of nowhere?

Scream? Run? Throw whatever that’s in ur hand?

I just found out what my reaction would be!

Was drinking my kopi happily. Held my kopi cup while using my hp.. And a 小强 actually took this opportunity to fly into my cup to steal my kopi!!

My reaction?

1. Walked out of my (dark) room and went to my kitchen.. While holding the cup. (Oh, and my hp!)

2. Switched on the lights.

3. Put the cup on the table.

4. Take photo!! xD

NPNT, so here goes! ^^
I must say, this is really an artistic shot!


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  1. u79a9744 August 20, 2012 at 12:59 pm #


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