Goodbye, pretty lashes!

23 Aug

Finally.. I removed my eyelashes extensions..! Boohoo!!

It was inevitable. Some of the fake lashes were falling off already.. :(

Imagine me with weird lashes WHILE I WAS STILL AT WORK! Gosh! Needless to say, it was really a tricky situation for me! I couldn’t possibly wait until another day to go down to the shop and get them to remove the extension for me, right!? So I had to DIY! And although some of the fake lashes fell off, some stubbonly refused to come off! (Oh mannn…! ~.~)

Finally managed to remove the fake lashes.. Plus some of my REAL lashes! (Yes, ouch!)
(Wow, my real lash is actually longer than the fake ones!)

Was examining the fake lashes. Hmm, why did the person glue the fake lashes to my REAL lashes??

I wonder if that explains why:

– Fake lashes ‘move’ when my real lashes grow longer and hence, got out of place! Sometimes a couple of stray stands of fake lashes would poke into my eyes! Sob sob!

To illustrate why I got this impression..
So relieved when the last cluster of fake lashes was removed! But my poor eyelids were sore and swollen! Plus some of my real, lovely lashes were ‘killed’ in the process!

But do I regret getting the eyelashes extensions? NO! ♥
Would I try eyelashes extension again? YES! ♥

(Maybe at another salon? The 1st time I did my eyelash extension, it lasted for a month plus and DIY removal of the fake lashes was easy and painless!)

Haha! We must pay a price for beauty! Despite some of the cons here and there.. I must say I’m still glad that I did the eyelashes extensions! Really made me feel so chio and confident!

Something seems to be missing hor!
Without my lash extensions.. My eyes seemed so incomplete! *Sob sob*

When I had the eyelash extension, colleagues and friends were commenting (frequently) that my eyes look bigger / I look chioer (*AHEMS*)! Camwhoring was so pleasurable because I look better than usual (without eyelashes extension)..  even without makeup! ♥

Shall let my eyelids and lashes rest for a while before I try extensions again! In the meantime.. I’ll just stick on fake lashes when needed! xD

(Wah lau eh, some had already commented that my eyes look smaller now! Daaarrn!)


In case anyone is interested..

My previous blog entry when I just did the eyelashes extension:


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