Mercy please!

28 Aug

Have I ever commented before that Koreans are incredibly and amazingly awesome people?? ♥

Chanced upon this particular singing competition just now.. Whhoooaaa!!!


Take these 2 finalists, for example!

Lee Hayi, aged 17 (WHAT??)

Park Jimin, aged 16 (WHHAATTT??)

Love love love how they sang the same song but in their own unique styles! And they seemed to be so enjoying it! Watching their performances becomes enjoyable too! :):):)

Can’t believe they are just teenagers! GOSH! Although they were nervous, they still went up to that HUGE stage and completed such fantastic performances! I’ll be so freaking proud to have a daughter like them!

(What the heck was I doing when I were 16 / 17 anyway?? Hmm.. Busy with school? Bleahz!)


Honestly, my first impression of them was: Huh? Finalists not chio de leh!

But when they started to sing and dance.. They instantly shone so brightly and were practically oozing with charm! ♥

That’s the power of music, isn’t it? :)


Last but not least, Koreans seem to be into English songs eh? Good for me, actually! (Can understand what they are singing! Heh!) I love their vocals so so much!


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