Another random day in my simple life

17 Sep

Was feeling so so frustrated over my current work!

But NO! I can’t remain depressed! Must make myself feel better!

Bought a cup of ice cream (from the ice cream man! Weeeeee~) and sat on the colourful stairs outside Wisma..

Feeling more positive, I suddenly had the inspiration to convert my negative energies to something pretty! ♥

Weeeeee~ Looking at beautiful things make me feel happier! ♥


Went to my sis’s house.. (Because being with my little gems makes me super happy! ♥♥♥)

And I saw..!!

Aiyo! Steffi, are you okay!!?
HAHAHAHA! She’s always full of whacky ideas!


Sweet Angela helped me to buy these all the way from JB!!
Close up!
Steffi can’t wait to eat it already! Haha!
Leroy said he also wanna take photo with the same pose! Haha!
Ending this entry with cutiepie Steffi! ♥


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