Cook. Eat. Wash.

9 Nov

Yeah~ That’s my lunch routine now!

(It used to be: Queue. Buy. Eat. Haha!)

Surprisingly, cooking my own lunch is not as long as I expected! In fact, it took me less than 1 hour to cook and eat my lunch (PLUS washing up too)! (Employers can consider allowing your staff to cook their lunch in office ya?)

Not forgetting some other benefits of cooking my own lunch:

1. Lesser costs, more savings!
2. Less wastage! (I always can’t finish all my food when I’m eating outside!)
3. Healthier eating! (My colleagues got QC de.. Haha!)
4. Fun! (I love to cook!)

Etc.. Haha!


Pro right! Ingredients.. Nicely prepared by Yong! (Not me lah! Haha!)
So for people like me who don’t spend much time on preparing ingredients.. No worries, we can still have decent meals!

Some examples:

Vermicelli + Wantons + Cheesy Meat Balls + Mushrooms
*Mushrooms nicely sliced by Yong already.. Yay~! (Lazy me! Heehee!)

Vermicelli + Mushroom Soup + Wantons + Cheesy Meat Balls + Mushrooms
*Instead of the vermicelli’s seasonings, I used mushroom soup instead! Different taste, quite nice too! xD

Porridge + Wantons + Cheesy Meat Balls + Mushrooms + Crabsticks
And today’s lunch..

Macaroni + Cheesy Meat Balls + Mushrooms + Mozzarella Cheese
I love Mozzarella Cheese!

(Most of my dishes use the same ingredients because 1 packet of each ingredients can last me for about 2 – 3 days.)


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