SCT – Day 2!

14 Nov

Another rainy day.. But still, that’s not going to stop me from embarking on my ‘journey’ to a slimmer and healthier me! *Rawrs!*

Today’s Target: At least 28 levels!!

Which I accomplished! YES LAH! ♥

But seriously, walking up the stairs seemed even more difficult than yesterday! (I was hoping it’ll be easier.. I guess, not yet! Muscles, please tone up faster.. Can?? >.<)


After my SCT, a thought came to me: ALAMAK!! THEN MY DINNER HOW??

Some of my friends had told me previously, "Eating immediately after exercise will make one FATTER!!”


Quickly went online to do some research about eating after exercise and found this article!

“It’s all about two things: recovery and storage. You need to recover the losses you undertook during the exercise, and your body is simply better at storing that recovery fuel right after your workout. Sure, you can eat later—but the benefits won’t be as good.”

But oh wait! I saw this article from BBC News too!

“Exercising after meals can help promote weight loss by boosting hormones that suppress appetite, say UK scientists..”

Alright! I shall re-plan my training (and eating) schedule!

  1. Eat dinner
  2. Rest for a while
  3. SCT
  4. Snack (on healthier choices like juices, fruits!)


Speaking of eating, this is what I cooked (and ate) during lunchtime! ♥


Well, it’s not related to SCT at all.


(Eh, it’s not that fantastic but still..! I’m proud of my cheesy masterpiece! It was yummy lor! :D)



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