Food with Animal Buddies!

20 Nov

Met up with animal buddies for mookata last night! FINALLY! ♥

Joke of the day night:

We were eating and joking.. After finishing one whole set of food, Shuqi asked, “Don’t seem hot hor?”


Chun Cheung never eat mookata before so he thought it was supposed to be like that.. Haha!

Now that we thought about it.. Eh!! Why the bbq part never “chao ta” (charred) eh!? And the pieces of livers took so long to cook!! (Aren’t they supposed to be cooked very fast??)

As it turned out, the “steam” we kept seeing was not from the “boiling soup”.. It was actually SMOKE from the burnt out charcoal!! LOL! Faint!!! #MookataNoobs

Added new charcoals..
Waaahh! At our table? Felt like the burning charcoals might hit me anytime! (Watched too much shows.. Haha!) I scared~~ m(T.T)m

After a while..

Woohoo~ Hot enough to cook!!

Ordered another plate of livers! Yum yum! ♥
I must say, I really love my cooking at times! Heehee! ♥


Next stop.. MacDonald’s!

Chill chill..

Drink drink..
Eat eat (again) *In a small voice*
Was full but.. I love oreo cheese cakes! ♥

Yayy! Bought cheese tarts for us!! ♥


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