Do NOT take AND share photos of me w/o my knowledge!

28 Nov

!Cnet is psychic. No doubt about it! (Nono, he’s not the moron.)

Just a few days ago, he sent me this!
And OMG! IT REALLY HAPPENED TO ME when I met out with this moron and other people just now!!

(Except that I don’t need to take dozens of photos just to pick 1 nice one lah! *Ahems*)

That moron NEVER take a decent photo of me since I know him. I don’t understand why he HAD to secretly take photos of me whenever I’m in an unflattering pose. Can’t he just ask me to pose for a proper photo alone or with him?? Worse, he posted the photos ON FACEBOOK.

老娘已经非常、超级、万分地不爽了! Already told him off, asked him to take off the photos, delete them and even severely warned him not to do it again! EVERY time he did it. (His photography skills sux big time.)

And today HE DID IT AGAIN! WORSE! If I only look fat and ugly in the photo, I’ll still be pissed off but not that furious. But hell no! I happened to be in a rather eh…. scary pose at that moment. Let’s just say the photo is really VERY BAD for a girl’s image. And either he didn’t have the common sense to delete it (or DON’T TAKE THE BLOODY PHOTO IN THE 1ST PLACE WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE) or he’s plain SICK. 死变态!!

Or maybe both.

He didn’t even tell me about it! I realized it when I logined to Facebook and SAW THE HORRIBLE PHOTO! That’s GOT to be the most disgusting photo of me that’s been posted online EVER.

Needless to say, my face turned black INSTANTLY. I seriously want to give him MANY combo slaps. IS HE FUCKING PERVERTED??? Really wanna scream at him!! (Yes, I am THAT angry. It’s been a long time a guy pissed me off that badly.)

Almost wanted to storm off furiously but there was only 1 girl.. I can’t dump her alone with the other guys! Thankfully she told me she didn’t mind leaving early. Phew.

I hope he really erased ALL my photos and videos (when I was singing) like he claimed.

Feeling EXTREMELY disgusted! Why would he take such photos of me? Yucks! Totally hating myself for even knowing him and going out with him (of course got other people around too lah)!!!



I may not have fantastic looks or a hot body.. But I AM NOT THAT SCARY! Furthermore I dolled up nicely today!

Someone (other than myself) have taken nice shots of me before ok!!

Without my knowledge
With my knowledge
(Just 1 photo for each example! ZERO EDITING except filter.)


Shall post my camwhoring photos in my next post. NPNT (No Picture No Talk)!

I really like the photos so I don’t want them to be in this angry entry!

Check it out and try to imagine how is it possible to take my photo until so disgustingly ugly and fat ya! (I swear I’m not exaggerating when I say the photo he secretly took of me was horrible!)


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