It’s been a long time since I last..

28 Nov


If you read my previous entry, you’ll know what made me suddenly go camwhoring late at night!

20121129-014533.jpg 20121129-014541.jpg
These 2 photos weren’t even that nice because I took them while I was still fuming mad! Just wanted to illustrate my point that I was nicely dolled up!

Hence.. How fat and ugly could I possibly look, right? Yet someone could actually snap an extremely ugly photo from me who looked LIKE THAT? *Points to photos above*

(I only added the decoration frames and took photos at flattering angles using iPhone 4S’s front camera. NO other editing.)



I really like most of the photos I took and tonight I created 2 works that I really adore! Can’t decide which version I prefer though! (Yayy! New avatar!)

Whoa, I didn’t realise my REAL lashes are this long! #thankyouGod
My photography and designing skills have improved a lot since the last time I had a bf! If I have one now, it’ll be so fun (and enjoyable for him, I hope!) to create special e-notes for him every day! :)

Sweet dreams, everyone!
Tired already.. Time to go to bed! *Rubs sleepy eyes*


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