Fatty Pris!!

4 Dec

After my (half-hearted) efforts to slim down..

Weight: 53kg (unchanged!!?)

Body really changes a lot when one reaches the big 3!! My weight was only 49.5kg max all my life.. But upon reaching 30, it actually shot up to 56kg suddenly!? (I didn’t even eat more than what I usually eat!!) And now, 53kg. Oh God.. I want my old body back!! T^T

Body Fats %: 34.5 (INCREASED SO MUCH?? *HORRIFIED!*)

Whhhaaaattttt!?? My body fats % was only 30.6 mere 2 months ago!

Really needa slim down! For my age and weight, anything past 31% is unhealthy already!


One of the (many) perks of working in FHI is that I am influenced by many health (or weight? HAHA!) conscious colleagues to lead a healthy lifestyle!

From a typical unhealthy lunch to THIS! ♥
Discovering my love for broccoli was kinda amazing! I actually love greens! Wow!

Hope to start moving more!



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