Dinner with Lynn & Elaine! ♥

6 Dec

Off to meet my girls! :D

Popped by Candy Empire!

Candy Canes! A must-buy during X’mas! ♥
OMG!! They restocked Trolli’s gummy bears!! AT LAST! ♥
Trolli has the best gummy bears I’ve ever tasted!! ♥

Happily bought 4 tubs to stock up and while making payment, the cashier told me, “This is not buy 1 get 1 free hor!” I glared at her and replied (with a bit of 杀气), “OF COURSE I KNOW.” So tempted to add, “Do I look like I can’t afford mere $20+??” Or maybe ask her to get her manager out to see me! Lucky for her, I was in a good mood that day. (Although she kinda dampened it!)

Seriously, even if I were someone who can’t afford the candies.. That’s NO WAY to treat a customer! Or any person!


Met up with my girls.. Dinner @ Jpot!! (Thanks to Elaine for making the reservations!)

Guess what are these?
Don’t put your hand there.. They’re used to heat up the steamboat pots!

Tada! Our food!!
We were eating halfway when there was a display of..

Fireworks!! ♥

(Not exactly the best view but nonetheless, magnificient!)
What a wonderful day with Lynn and Elaine! :)

My fringe is getting long! Time to cut again!! *Groans* The last time I had my fringe trimmed.. It was a disaster!

Random camwhoring! Heh! ♥

This angle + this filter = Don’t look like me (according to my friends)
So here’s something that looks like my true (mischievous) self then! Muahaha!
(Was looking through my photos in this post.. Urgh! Fat face!! Slim, body, be slim! xD)


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