The day is finally here soon.

29 Dec

The day I’ve been dreading since she came to our house when she was only 2 months old.

I remember holding her, telling her.. “Many years later, you will have to leave me.. I will be very sad. I will miss you forever.” But I did wonder if my fondness for her would fade.

Time flies.. 10+ years had passed. I am still not sick of her. Haven’t stop loving her, in fact, loving her more and more.

Since last night.. Cookie don’t seem to be her ususl self. She refuses to eat and drink. She is lying down quietly and her limbs kept twitching.

I’m so scared that she will die while I’m asleep.. Hope she will wake up tomorrow so that 大姐 can bring her to the vet.. Hope it’s not as bad as I thought.. Although I have a really bad feeling about this..


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