Random Thoughts for New Year

1 Jan

2012 ended rather dramatically for me.

Bad thing that happened to me in 2012: Seeing Cookie seriously sick and fearing that she would die any moment! The sight of her fully stretched, stiff limbs with bloodshot eyes.. Plus her mouth opened wide and gasping for air never fail to make me burst into tears and cradle her.. Felt so helpless. What’s wrong with my baby!!

Worse thing that happened to me in 2012: Big sis brought Cookie to the vet and tearfully told me that the vet announced that the chance of her surviving is slim. She has kidney failure. I only had barely half hour to say goodbye to her.. And so many of us wanted to bade farewell to her too!

Best thing that happened to me in 2012: Visited Cookie after half day of work (New Year’s eve) and found her to be in a much, much better condition! The chances of her surviving doesn’t seem that slim actually! Heard from the vet personality that Cookie’s kidneys are in good condition! Just that there’s an infection, causing her kidneys to have problems functioning!


Lazing in my bed.. It’s amazing how just yesterday, I was lying in bed without Cookie and I was tearing and feeling so depressed until I felt like I was dying too. Now I’m still lying in bed without Cookie but I’m happy because Cookie may be able to live! And I’m going to see her again later! Can spend 2 hours with her!

In fact I had been crying and crying the whole day.. Couldn’t even eat and drink anything the whole day! Even when I was messaging friends, I couldn’t even write “lol” or “haha”! But after seeing her, I could smile and joke again! Instantly!

Oh God, I really don’t know how to live without her! Please don’t take her away from me so fast.. Please??

Hope she can be well enough to come home soon! Before we left, she took 2 sips of water! Weeeeee~! That’s a good sign.. Right?? Previously she refused to eat and drink at all for 2 days! As if she was just waiting to die.. Freaked me out!

May she be able to live normally without the drip and drink more water on her own soon! Perhaps they will let her come home then!

Dear God, thank you for the miracle.. Please continue to watch over Cookie!


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