Visiting Cookie!

1 Jan

Normally I would be nuahing at home with Cookie on a PH like this.. But not today, because poor baby is sick!

Nevermind, I can go to her!

For me to wake up early just to meet a person on a non-working day.. This is how important Cookie is to me! (I can always take a cab which would only take about 10, 15 mins but I need to do things and distract myself! Else I’ll over-think!! T^T)

*Waiting anxiously!*
THANK YOU GOD! Finally we are together again!!

(As usual, iphone4’s front camera suxs but nonetheless, that’s our photo! Must take more photos because I never know when would be the last.. D:)

Had been so worried before I saw her! Would she look better? Or would her condition worsen? *CHOY!* Trying to be positive but yet I couldn’t (still can’t) help fearing the worse!!

But thank God! She seemed even more alert than yesterday!

Phew! :):)

She looks as cute as ever.. The vet really thinks she can’t make it?? And we should consider putting her to sleep?? Feeling so lost! :(


Was feeling happy and hopeful until I spoke with this vet about Cookie’s condition. She told me that her blood pressure is back to normal, creatinine level has dropped but only dropped very little (close to 1% only). And the way she updated me gives me the impression that she don’t think Cookie’s gonna make it eventually!!

Made me depressed again.. Will she survived this ordeal??

And Cookie had to choose this timing to look extra tired and rest! Ahh..!

*Sayangs my darling girl*
Cookie, I hold your, paw. You don’t be scared, ok?
Felt so sad at the sight of Cookie lying down like this.. Hope she will get well soon!!


My sisters came so I moved aside for them to see Cookie.

Thought I may as well make friends with Cookie’s cute little neighbour!
She’s a very cute and sweet kitty! When I approached her cage, she actually extended her paw to me! So sweet! Hope she will recover too!


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