Baking cookies with Steffi!

6 Jan

Not Cookie the Queen but edible cookies.. Haha! Been blogging about Cookie the queen (aka my beloved darling) a lot, so please don’t get confused! ;)

Sifting the flour with a serious expression! #LikeAPro xD
(Unfortunately, she only knows how to do that for now. Nevermind, she’s still young! Next time she’ll be able to make cookies on her own! ^^)

Oh yeah! The 1st batch of cookies is ready~

Steffi had fun decorating the cookies with icing sugar (PINK, of course!) and mini M&Ms! :D
*Munch munch*
I don’t know why Leroy had to hide in a corner and eat it sneakily.. LOL!
NG-ed because she couldn’t stop munching! Haha!
Does the ‘Girl’ cookie look like Steffi? Haha!
Smiley face was done by Steffi while I helped her to do the hair (she didn’t have strength to squeeze out the icing)! Not bad eh!

‘Girl’ and ‘Boy’ cookies~
I did the ‘Boy’ one.. Haha! Fun leh! But eh, the cookies were a bit over-burnt.. Because I  went to help Steffi take water! Haha! Cookies are so mischievous! When I’m staring at them, they refuse to get brown.. But once my back is turned, they quickly become DARK BROWN! Urgh!

Anyway! Steffi really likes smiley faces a lot ya!

Reminds me of the time she drew smiley people at the 7-Eleven!
Is it just me or does everyone thinks she draws well (considering she’s only 4) too?


Finally finished baking and clearing up the mess.

Suddenly noticed this sight! GOSH!

Leroy is 3 and Stacci is 1.. But they are almost of the same size!!
Front view.. Wah seh!
Leroy ah, you need to eat more and grow bigger lah!


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