Eyelashes Extension

15 Jan

Bought the deal from The Secret through Qoo10 and had a VERY horrifying experience!!

Yesterday I went for my appointment at 7pm and I finally stepped out of the salon at 11plus at night!!

Laid on the bed for 4 FREAKING HOURS while having my eyes tortured!! Glue got into my eyes, real eyelashes tugged, eyes being rubbed constantly.. Ooouuucchh!!

I’ve tried other similar deals but they were not this bad! I was terrified that I’ll go blind! No kidding!

Lesson learnt, if I want to do eyelash extension, I will only go to a reputable salon even if it’s more ex!!

For those who already bought the coupon, things to note:

1. Dont expect it to be that good (i.e. got “holes”, both sides not balanced as in, 1 side of the lashes is nearer to the inner corner of the eye and the other side is further away. 1 side of the lashes is planted more at the end and the other row of lashes is shorter.

2. Their “natural” lashes are quite dramatic. Personally I think the lashes dont look as natural as the previous ones I’ve tried before. Or maybe looks more fake cos she cut the lashes. To which the (China) lady replied with, “Fake lashes are fake, of course will look fake!” (*Speechless.. -.-“)

3. DO NOT LET HER CUT YOUR EYELASHES EXTENSION. Looks very fake and ugly. (They claimed customers ask them to cut. Well, I NEVER ASK HER TO CUT!! She said it’s too long but it looked fine to me!) Got ppl cut eyelashes extension??

The lady initially did ok, but when I requested for her to touch up and make both sides more symmetrical, she started to screw up, i.e. getting glue into my eyes, tugging at my real lashes! Hello, I’m human! Not a doll! Human eyes are delicate and sensitive!!!

Finally I gave up and told her I want to remove my lashes and a refund!

EVEN WORSE! More tugging, more rubbing, more glue (or glue remover?) got into my eyes!!

If you think my misery stopped there.. NO. I don’t understand why she tortured my eyes for 2, 3 hours and THE FAKE LASHES were still not removed?? Despite that, the lady (lady boss?) refused to give me a refund! Honestly, I think I shd have gotten a refund + money to cab home! Wasted my time until 11 plus!! And I had to go home with half removed lashes extensions, swollen eyelids, red and teary eyes..!


Tried to remove the remaining lashes..


Wanted to check if I can report this to CASE but since I got my refund in the end and another lady spent hours trying to remove the lashes for me, I shall not pursue this futher.

If you believe their nonsense that the problem lies with ME, go try it for yourself and good luck to you. (How demanding can I be if I could stupidly laid there for 4 hrs before crying out in frustration?!!)

(I’m going to a reputable salon to salvage my lashes before my overseas trip! Lost some of my real lashes after today’s session!) T^T


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