Countdown to Taiwan trip!!

23 Jan

..Less than half a week away!!

So lucky! Managed to find my important stuff just in time for the trip!! ♥

CONTACT LENSES!! (“Buried” under Mamalove’s clothes.. -.-“)
Now now, which colour / design should I wear in Taiwan~ ♪(^∇^)ノ

Found them in Mamalove’s drawer..
Missing ever since Mamalove packed my humble little corner~ Apparently she kept them and forgot about it.. So when I asked if she saw them, she said no. *Slaps forehead*

Last night I suddenly remembered that the same thing happened to my nerdy specs before too! *Laughs!* Opened the drawer and sure enough, it was in there!! Woohoo! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


Checklist (Other than contact lenses and sunglasses)

– Uniqlo’s Heat Tech top and legging
– Uniqlo’s Fleece Full Zip Jacket
– Sony Nex 5R
– Eyelashes extension (Done! No need to bring so much cosmetics!)
– Winter caps! (Eh.. I bought 3. o(≧∇≦)o)
– Hand warmers (Don’t seem that warm to me though!
– Nice, warm scarf
– Neck warmer (From Daiso, only $2 but it seems to work pretty well!)
– Disposable heat packs (From Daiso too~ *Daiso supporter*)
– Boots! (With flat sole so that I can walk a lot!)
– Thick socks (1 for outdoor, 1 for indoor!
– Thick leggings (Had 1.. Ordered 3.. Scared it won’t arrive in time so I bought 2 more.. Just received the ones I ordered, total I have 6 now..?!! Lol faint!)

Seems like most of the stuff I prepared are for keeping warm! Haha!

Went to Taiwan many years ago.. Also in Jan! I was so cold despite wearing a thick jacket! This time I must be more prepared! (Already feel very cold in SINGAPORE these days! Taiwan’s even colder!!)

So missing the food there!! Hope to capture yummy food photos so that I can admire them whenever I miss them! Haha! ♥

Quail eggs.. Hope to eat you again! Vaguely remember that you are very yummy!! ♥

Hope to clear as much work as possible before the trip!!


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