HPV – What is it?

3 Aug

Went for my first PAP Smear last month and that was the first time I heard of it: HPV.

Dr Yeo asked if I want to take the HPV test as well, since I was taking the PAP Smear.

BUT.. What is HPV and do I need it? I don’t have ONS and don’t ever intend to have ONSs. Would I have HPV? Not likely? Then why should I spend $150 to do the HPV test?

I thought HPV is something like HIV or AIDS.. Until the doctor explained further. Wah! I never knew HPV is that common!!

Later I went back to do more research.

Before I bore you with too much info, let me just state some key points:

– Both males and females can get HPV
– HPV may cause warts for males and cervical cancer for females
– Even a virgin or someone who had sex just once may get HPV
– Most of us have HPV any point of our lives without our knowledge!

Okay, if you are beginning to feel worried (like I was am), read on!
(In fact, I am so worried for my family, friends and everyone that I’ve been sharing this!!)

In another article.. Once again, it stated that HPV is very common!
And in this article too!


Cervical Cancer & HPV
Genital HPV Infection – Fact Sheet
HPV Vaccine
You Don’t Need To Have Sex To Get HPV


After learning about HPV, I was so worried that I may have it without realising it!!

Was so relieved when my result came back and it was NEGATIVE! #thankyouGod

And so the next thing to think about is, HPV VACCINATION.
Which I shall share more in my next post. :)


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