Bear Bites 熊の食 Singapore

8 Aug

Was thinking of places to have dinner with my dear Lynn. Coincidentally, someone posted Bear Bites’ photos in Facebook so I went to do research.. OMG!! THAT CUTE BEAR PAW BUN IS NOW AVAILABLE IN SINGAPORE!!

Just went to Taiwan in January this year. Had wanted to try it but we didn’t have time to go there! Finally I can try it!! Yay~~♥

And so Lynn and I went to Scape for dinner last night!
(Too bad Elaine is now enjoying her vacation in Bangkok so she couldn’t meet us. Nevermind, we’ll bring her there next time!!)

Tada! My cute meal~♥
Couldn’t believe my ears when I was told that the meal only costs $7.80!! Wah, cheaper than I expected!

My selection:
1. Meat: Crispy Karaage Chicken / Oishi Fish Fillet
2. Bun Flavor: Milk / Brown Sugar / Oat / Yam / Curry / Squid Ink / Strawberry
3. Sauce: Mushroom / Tartar / Thai / Honey Mustard / Black Pepper / Golden Cheese
4. Fries: French Fries / Cheese Fries
5. Drink: Jasmine Green Tea / Straight Red Tea / Lemon Tea / Fruit Teas / Brown Rice Green Tea / Milk Tea / Milk Coffee

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Cheese Fries
Super yummy!! Love the cheese sauce too!!

Noticed some potato skin..
Did they make the fries on the spot?? 现做现卖吗?? If yes, that explains why they taste so good! Wow! 赞啦! ♥

Bear Paw Bun
Beary cute indeed! ♥ Couldn’t bear to eat it without taking photos first! Hahaha!

Wah wah wah! Check out the fillings and the cheeslicious sauce!! ♥
ALL the online reviews highly recommended the chicken so I chose it too~♥

Whoa! It’s really GOOD, no kidding! This IS the tastiest, juiciest Karaage chicken that I’ve ever tasted, no kidding! Because of this, I’m beginning to love eating chicken again! Well, maybe ONLY BEAR BITES’ chicken! ♥♥♥


Upcoming Promotion!

Please note: Offer is only valid until 11 August!

We really wanted to eat this but we were too full after eating the set meals!

Nevermind, I’ll be back soon! Hopefully in daylight so that I can take nicer pictures! :D


Bear Bites 熊の食 Singapore
2 Orchard Link #02-42 *SCAPE
Singapore, Singapore 237978


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