3 magic sentences

29 Aug

Tonight is one of those hot and humid nights that I tossed and turned restlessly and simply couldn’t stay asleep for long.

UNsurprisingly, I started to think about negative stuff (again) and went through the usual what-ifs and I-should-have-dones.. Which did nothing constructive but only made myself more depressed. (Oh man, why do I have to torture myself like this. >.<)

Randomly surfed through my feeds in Facebook and found this:
Just a quick translation for non Chinese readers..

The 3 magic sentences are:

1. Forget it
We can try our best in everything we do but we cannot be too persistent and expect everything to happen the way we want.

2. It’s all right.
As long as we had tried our best, we should have no regrets even if we failed.

3. It will pass.
There’s always sunshine after the rain.

Feeling somewhat comforted after thinking about all these positive stuff.

Ok, back to catch some sleep. Goodnight! :)


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