New achievement!

14 Sep

This is a historical moment. For the 1st time in my life, I actually went for (serious) swimming! Not just playing water!

Can’t help feeling amazed that the entry fee was only $1.30! I remember it was $1.20.. At least 20 years ago!!

Locker is still 20 cents per usage.. Wow!
Hope my exercise routine will last 9 (久, meaning long in English)! xD

Tada! My pink “friend” who will accompany me for my future swimming trips! ♥
Swimming time!
Left my underwater pouch in office so I had to leave my hp in the locker and the idat app was running!

Couldn’t calculate the distance but..

Most importantly, the calories burned was calculated!
Wow! Swimming burns so much calories!! ♥

Saw this fitness area on my way home. Hmm, another potential place for exercising ya?

Wanted to bath, change and go for my jog but Mamalove asked me to go Bishan Park for the Mid Autumn Festival..

No jogging but I walked for almost an hour in the park as substitute!
Haha! Walked too slowly and kept stopping to take photos! Heh!

Bishan Park’s really not bad! Nice scenery there!

Really love the (man made) “natural” landscape there.. Will probably go there for walks more often! Wish I can cycle! Maybe I should buy a bicycle and LEARN! Okay, KIV 1st. Too many to-do things on hand now. >.<

Found Mamalove~ She and her friends were helping to make and distribute bunny mooncakes!

See! So cute right!! ♥
Got free balloon lanterns! Wah seh! So creative!
Saw other families playing with candles.. I also wanna play.. Envious!
My dinner! Yummy!!
Guess I gonna eat fast food (MAC, to be specific) a lot these days.. BECAUSE THE SEAWEED SHAKER FRIES ARE BACK!

Finally I could go home!!

Opted to walk instead of taking bus.. :D
So happy to burn so much calories today! ♥


Didn’t meet Stacci at Bishan Park but finally saw her at my sis’s house!

She’s so cute! ♥
Happy that I got to spend some quality time with her! :):)


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