Updates updates!

6 Oct

Gosh, this blog hasn’t been updated for days!

Fell sick.. Yes, AGAIN! Argh.. I may only be 31 but my body’s really prone to virus! Keep falling sick lor! Can’t afford to slack and nuah too much anymore! I gotta exercise more and keep fit!!

Speaking of keeping fit!

3 Oct 2013 (Thu)

Boon and I attended Maddy’s Kpopx Fitness class for the 2nd time!
And YES, we signed up for 8 more sessions!

Check out her video!

One of my favourite songs among the workouts!

Each workout consists of 14 catchy kpop songs! Time always fly by so fast and by the end of the class (or should I say, halfway? Haha!), we would be sweating profusely already!

The studio has mirrors.. While doing the moves, I watched my mirror reflection and thought, “Wah, really cannot make it sia! I doubt 8 sessions are enough to ‘cure’ me!”

Well, I’m just gonna finish the 8 sessions and we’ll see how it goes from there!

Super love Maddy’s class because she’s just a fun instructor and the moves are so cute!

After our exercise class, it was time for..



This shows how much I love this dish.. ;D

(I’m not a rice-lover but I ate every grain!)


4 Oct 2013 (Fri)

Meet up with the Elaine and Lynn!

Check out the awesome presents from them!!

I love these presents!! How do they know what I like! Haha!

Some of the items are actually things similar to what I had bought or what I had intended to buy!

Guess which are the presents that I had bought for them? xD

Got home and suddenly fell even more sick later at night!

(But luckily, it was AFTER I’ve met up with the girls! Heehee!)


5 Oct 2013 (Sat)

Feeling so sick so I practically rested the whole day.

Couldn’t do any exercise or update this blog.. Darn!


6 Oct 2013 (Sun)

Woke up feeling A LOT better! THANK GOD!!

Spent some quality time with Cookie the Queen! ♥

Wrote this blog post! ;D

Shall go for a bit of jogging later! :)

So looking forward to tomorrow because Phern is conducting aerobics class in office tomorrow! Weeeeee~ Love doing exercises because they are fun and can make me slim! Wahahaha!


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