Lazy me

9 Oct

Been back from Bali for ages and I still haven’t blog about it! Will try to do so this weekend.. Haha!

Lazing in bed and just the thought of blogging about my birthday vacation makes me feel extra lazy already!

Right now I’m so excited about tomorrow! Maddy’s Kpopx Fitness class! Weeeeee~!! I wanna slim down, get fit, improve my coordination and BE YOUNG FOREVER!! ♥

Doing some stretching now and gosh, my bones feel so stiff! So envious of Stacci and Steffi who can do splits! I used to be able to do that.. Eh, 20+ years ago!

Let’s see if I can do that by my next birthday! #ChallengeForMyself

New found love for exercise! Makes me feel SO GOOD, HAPPY AND YOUTHFUL!! #ExerciseIsAddictive


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