RIP Mocha!

9 Nov

It’s been a week since Mocha left us.. Still find it hard to believe that she’s gone.

Strangely, I didn’t feel as sad as I expected myself to be.. Maybe it’s the peaceful way she left us.. And of course, Cookie is still around.. Rather than thinking of the deceased, I should focus on the living..

Last Sunday, Mocha was cremated..

We went to see her for the last time..
My pretty girl.. Sleep tight! I love you always! Wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge! ♥

Mama and Mocha
She looked like she’s sleeping peacefully with a smile..
This is how I want to remember her.. :)

Held her paws and prayed to God.. Dear God, please help me look after my dear Mocha and give her lots of love and belly rubs until I reunite with her..


Time flies..

13 years ago, I found Mocha at this rubbish bin on my way home. She was very friendly! And cute! Told Eldest Sis about it when I got home and she decided to go back and bring her home! Mocha was so small until we could put her in a medium sized Takashimaya carrier bag!

Still remember that she was so hungry until she actually drank the water that we used to bath her! And the clear water instantly became black and dirty when Mocha was immersed in it!

Was so glad when she was finally clean! And it was a pleasure to watch her drinking the milk hungrily.. That night, there was 1 stray dog lesser and we had 1 more additional family member! :)

Mocha looked ferocious but she was actually a very nice, sweet girl who loves our attention! (喜欢撒娇!) Loves her smile! When I was sad, she would approach me and lick my hand. She was also obedient. Even if my main door was open, she won’t step out of the house!

Once I spotted her lying on her back on my sis’s bed and rubbing her back against the comfortable bedsheet.. She looked like she was enjoying it A LOT! Then she saw me peeking at her.. Instantly her face looked guilty and quickly jumped off from the bed to go back to her own spot! So cute!


Thinking back, we had many happy memories together. I remember the times Mocha smile, laze contentedly at her usual spots, enjoy her food and belly rubs.. ♥ I’m glad we brought her home, hence she could enjoy 13 years of love and protection from us.. No need to fight with other stray dogs for food and survival.. And that made me less sad about her demise. She was born as a stray, lived a good life of 13 years with us and died peacefully.. With us sending her off on her final journey. I should be happy for her.

Miss her smile and everything about her! If there’s reincarnation for dogs, I wish she can be reborn into a good family as a human.. If can’t be human, at least be a pedigree.. Don’t be a stray dog again and be subjected to nasty treatment by some unkind humans! Her personality was so sweet, she deserved to be loved and pampered! ♥


Mocha girl girl, I never pamper you enough.. But still, I hope you are happy to be part our family! Even though you have left us, you are still our family member and continue to live in our hearts! ♥

Don’t forget our date at the Rainbow Bridge! When my time is up, please come and fetch me ok?


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