My very 1st 10km Run!!

10 Nov

Slept late but still managed to wake up early and yet not feeling tired at all! Must be due to all the excitement! Haha!

Was making my way to the bus stop when I saw this girl wearing the same singlet (official singlet for the Great Eastern Women’s Run) approaching me. Was thinking if I should ask her whether she wants to share cab.. But then she asked me first! WAHAHA! Great minds think alike! And best was, her friend was already in the cab and coming over to fetch us! 3 people to share the cab, yay! Lucky lucky~ :D

A group photo before the marathon starts!
Quick shot of Orlene and me at the starting point! ♥
Haha, Orlene is becoming (opps, should be already am?) a Selfie Queen, thanks to my influence.. Good or bad, I don’t know? Heehee! She’s so photogenic, I’m so envious! As you can see, I didn’t put on much makeup and didn’t style my hair at all! (Can still recognise me? ;P) Simply bundled up my hair so that they don’t get in the way while I run.. Today I am Pris the Marathon Runner!! *Rawr!*


The marathon started and off we ran! I guess my training sessions still helped a lot even though I only trained a few times! Yayy!

To the surprise of everyone, I actually could keep up with Phern and Alex for 3km! (Phern could still chat while running and her voice was still strong and steady lor! Power right!?) Better than I expected, haha! Yayy! Afterwards, I slowed down and started running with my “good friend” aka Mr MP3 Player.. Haha!

While running alone, I was soooooo tempted to stop and take photos (to post in my blog / instagram / Facebook / Twitter.. Lol!) but noooo..! Today I’m Pris the Marathon Runner, not the Photographer! Completing the 10km is my top priority!! And so my mobile phone stayed in my pouch throughout the marathon. Which is amazing for someone who’s constantly glued to her mobile phone!

After the marathon, I was so ‘high’ and energetic! Wow, adrenaline is amazing! Expected myself to be totally shagged actually!

My very 1st sports medal!! *Plays national anthem* Haha! ♥

More Detailed Experience of my very 1st 10km Run.. (Wahaha!)

1km – Easy to jog w/o stopping but lacked confidence in surviving the full 10km
2km – Still jogging w/o resting.. Woohoo! Y(^_^)Y
3km – Still going strong! Wahaha! My endurance and stamina surpassed others’ expectations of me! o(^_-)O
4km – Getting tired.. Can I finish 10km??
5km – Too tired to even notice the 5km marker.. LOL!
6km – Chest started to feel discomfort! Started to brisk walk more!
7km – Didn’t notice the 7km marker either..
8km – WOW! 8km already?? This IS easy! I can do 10km! 2km left.. Easy lah! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Ok, run again!!
8.5km – Are we there yet!!??
9km – Still couldn’t see the marker.. Are we there yet!!!?(´-`)
9.1km – ARE WE THERE YET!?
9.2km – Why does the last 2km feel so freaking long!? T^T
9.3km – Finishing line.. Where are youuu..?!!
9.4km – Are.. *pant* we.. *pant* there.. *pant* yet..
9.5km – Keep going.. Just a little bit moreee..!
9.6km – Endure!!!!
9.7km – Finishing line! Finishing line!
9.8km – Hang in there!!
9.9km – I SEE THE FINISHING LINE! FULL TURBO AHEAD! CHIONG AH! (Wonder why I suddenly had the strength to chiong.. The power of adrenaline!! ♥)

Great experience! Thanks to my boss for forcing us to do the 10km run! Can’t believe that I could complete the run within 1.5hrs! ♥♥♥

Another group photo after the run!
Headed to the MRT station with Orlene and we chanced upon some pirates’ “loots”!
Fooling around as usual.. Wahaha! Orlene is such a cute and funny girl! Really brightens up my life! ♥

I always dislike running. Or so I thought? Already started getting fond of runs after my training sessions.. And after this marathon, I realized I love it! Won’t mind going for more 10km runs in future! :)

Cheers to a healthier me! ♥


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