Win a chance to see LEE MINHO in person!

13 Nov

Saw this and immediately screenshot it to send to Orlene!
(Because she always say Lee Minho is her bf! Wahaha!)


So we headed to Takashimaya after work! Weeeeee~♥

Decided that we should eat first so that we can take nicer photos! #WhatKindOfLogicIsThis ;P

My beloved Modanyaki!! ♥
Love it since the 1st time I ate it.. 10 years ago! And they are more generous with the sauce and *cheese now! Woohoo! (*Need to pay extra 50 cents for the cheese.)

Orlene’s Pineapple Rice with Pork Floss! ♥

Okay, time to get down to serious business!

Headed to the place with the 3D painting.. Omg, such an open area!

Orlene was so brave and took many nice photos (with funny poses)! Unlike me! >.<

Finally I managed to take a simple shot.. ♥
(Not as good as Orlene and many of the other entries.. Hope my caption is creative enough to push my entry to be among the top 10.. *Prays hard for a miracle!* Heh!)

Orlene’s! So nice right!! ♥
I hope she wins!

I hope WE BOTH WIN! We will!! We will!! We will!! #LawsOfAttraction

Hee, ending this entry with my little supper..

..Auntie Anne! Garlic and Sour Cream is ♥!
Nostalgic but it had turned cold and hard already (as they were closing liao).. Not as hot and soft as the ones I ate before. But the garlic and sour cream powder is still very nice!! ♥


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