Movie: My Gf Can See Ghost

15 Nov

Watched this movie..
About the movie
For the benefit of those who don’t understand Mandarin:

The gf is haunted by her dead classmate because the latter feels that she caused her death. She wanted her to suffer, so she would scare everyone around her.. In the end, all her friends and even her family stayed away from her. Some only dared to stay in contact with her over phone.

Fast forward.. And so the guy and the girl met and somehow fell in love. The guy is a scardycat (despite looking confident) and is terrified of ghosts. Of course, the ghost also came to disturb him and he almost died. Finally he chose to run away from the girl.. Just like everyone else. But when he’s not with her, he missed her a lot and realised he loves her too much to leave her.

Fast forward again to the part (screenshots below).. The girl decided to leave the country. The guy rushed to the airport and tried to persuade her to stay.

Found this part particularly touching..

The girl was reminding him that they can’t be together because her dead friend will hurt him. And his reply..

“..But just thinking that you are also afraid..”
“ heart aches for you..”
“I guess I really love you..”
This movie is so-so lah. Nice but I prolly won’t be watching again, even if I’m very bored. Heh!


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