Cheat Day with Orlene!

18 Nov

Gone to KFC for dinner! (Come to think of it, when was the last time I had KFC chicken?)

Upon reaching the KFC.. Orlene said she wanted to go to the ladies but couldn’t decide if she should order first or wait until later. Told her to go to the ladies first.. But I ended up waiting and waiting until I saw her coming back with HER FOOD!

ONLY HER food!

She no love me… *Sob sob*

When it comes to food, she will forget about everything else! Hahaha!

To make amends, she offered to queue and buy food for me. Aiya, small matter lah! But she felt very guilty so she kept blocking my way and stopping me from ordering! WAHAHA!

Laughed until my tummy ached before she finally let me buy my own food!

But she still felt bad so..

..She helped me to take chilli while I was ordering food..
..But I don’t take chilli! LOL!

And so that triggered another round of giggling! xD

This is one of the stuff she ate! Jenny, you see!! *Baotoh baotoh!* Wahaha!
(Jenny’s is Orlene’s superior who is constantly reminding her to watch her diet.. LOL!)

Tried the new Cheezy Zinger Burger!
Okay lah, the actual appearance may not look as good as the photo.. But it’s still ZINGER BURGER.. So of course it was still GOOD!

Would love it more if there’s more cheese though!

(Hmm.. Maybe I should buy normal Zinger burger + cheese instead. Awesomest combo! ♥)

Love their new fries! Yummy!
Would taste even better if they are eaten with CHEESE.

If you haven’t notice by now.. I l♥ve cheese A LOT! (It’s one of my addictions which I’m trying to quit but I keep giving in to the temptations.. >.<)


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