2nd day of 2014!

2 Jan

Ideally I wanted to write a meaningful post on 1 Jan 2014 to reflect on what happened in 2013 and brainstorm about my goals for 2014. But I just came back from BKK last night.. Just before midnight! Too tired to blog.. ;P

Oh well, life isn’t perfect. We can’t possibly start the 1st day of each year with a perfect note. And so what if it’s not perfect, does that mean the whole year will be bad?

The answer is NO. Of course! :)


Had so many things to blog about.. Like the meaningful “1st Post” of 2014 that won’t be happening (well, will still blog but the title can’t be 1st post of 2014 anymore.. *laughs*) and my oh-so-freaking-awesome BKK trip!

But something happened and I’m somewhat quite inspired by it! Haha! So here goes!

The Incident

My colleague’s supposed to email some stuff to a client but she’s on mc today. Helped to inform the client and asked if my colleague could send it to her tomorrow morning but she insisted that we do it TODAY. So being the nosey parker (opps), I helped to do.. (My colleague sounded really sick, how to do it today! Since the client insisted it’s either my colleague or me to do it…… Of course it gotta be ME then. Sigh.. If only clients can be more understanding..)

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the template so there were a couple of errors. Worse, the client replied (and cc-ed more people) to say things that don’t reflect well on me. Things like “because of your late reply” (erm, I wasn’t the one who replied late…..) and I got the date “wrong” (if it were tomorrow, why would I even have to do it in the 1st place.. Isn’t it?? It’s not even my job and I wasn’t even sure how to do it.. As highlighted to the client!)

My Thoughts

Helping = Using my time to do others’ work and can’t do my own stuff + Getting myself into trouble when it’s avoidable by NOT HELPING. No appreciation from the client and facts were distorted which put me in a bad light.

This is EXACTLY why people nowadays are less helpful now. Because it simply doesn’t pay to be kind. Sigh.. :(

Felt quite upset with myself for making those errors.. Disappointed that my 1st working day in 2014 was jinxed.. All for something that isn’t even under my care in the 1st place!

But then my auto protective positive vibes kick in and I started thinking POSITIVE THOUGHTS:

This is a problem challenge. I made mistakes learn new things, thanks to my mistakes. I’m going to be unlucky better at work for the whole year because I am jinxed by have learnt from this incident! It doesn’t pay to be kind so I don’t want to help others anymore! but hey, kindness can’t be paid by money or anything except with kindness and gratitude anyway!

:( :)

So shit happens.. Rather than getting upset and self-jinxed yourself unknowingly, we should just “clean up” our negative thoughts and move on!

Cheers to positive vibes and an AWESOME 2014!


Because I will make that happen. :)


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