Lucky Day! :D

6 Jan

Received this msg the other day! Whoa, thank you!!

Intended to watch this movie.. So lucky to won the tickets! Yayy!

There was still plenty of time so I.. erm.. satisfied some cravings.. ;P


The movie was very long! 3 hours! Wow! Leonardo’s acting skills are great.. Why am I not surprised? Haha! A lot of funny dialogues and we audience literally laughed out loud on several occasions.

The only things that bothered me was the fact that they swore THROUGHOUT the show and literally f***ed around (until I felt like I was watching porn.. ~.~).. Watched until I had a slight headache afterwards.. >.<

Had a glimpse into the (havoc) life of the so-called upper class people (whose behaviours ain't exactly upper class though).. Interesting. But if that's what life really is like.. Then I'm not envious of those crazily rich people anymore. I can't afford the "price". Suddenly I feel very fortunate to be me. :)

Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo) is such an amazing salesman! Really impressed by how eloquent he is! I wanna go and "sell pen" too liao! Haha! (You'll understand after watching the show.)

And I love the way he runs the company.. Well, not entirely (especially the illegal parts *laughs*) but the main idea is really good. He is a good example of how highly motivated employees can bring the company to higher heights!

Many companies like to squeeze their employees dry. To them, the company belongs to them. The employees are just their workers. Under such conditions, employees are so demoralized.. How to excel in their work? WHY should they work hard for your company if you are not giving them rewards and appreciation?

Share more earnings with the employees and they will bring you MORE profits.

How many bosses are aware of this AND dare to do it? (Fortunately, I know 2 who do that.. Heh heh!)


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