Bought my new mobile phone!

10 Jan

Did my research and finally it was time to buy my new mobile phone!!

Whoa, competition among the mobile phones’ authorized dealers is stiff instead!

Shop A: Girl told me that the final price is $860. Waited and waited and waited (as she was busy serving other customers.. who weren’t even buying as ex stuff as me, btw).. Finally she said no more white color. But if I don’t mind topping up $20 for a sealed set, she still has 1 white color.

It’s not about the money. But 1stly, I don’t believe in sealed sets. (1st hand info from my bastard ex who used to sell mobile phones. They can fake packaging, seals, warrenty cards.. So don’t believe it if they tell you it’s brand new set.) 2ndly, I don’t like hassles. Obviously she’s playing games with me.

Shop B: (Cute) Guy offered me his best price.. $860. Sealed or not sealed.. Same price. Asked how much is the screen protector.. He said he will give it to me for free. Told him I want a good one, I don’t mind paying.. He said he has different types for me to choose. Asked him what if the phone is spoilt? He said he can send it for repairs so I don’t need to go down myself.

Bought the phone and left. Suddenly the girl from Shop A appeared in front of me and said she now has the white one at $860. (Ya right..)

Told her I already bought it and she started bitching about me being scammed. She kept asking me how much I paid but I insisted it’s ok since I’ve already bought it. But that didn’t stop her from analysing how I got scammed.. ._____.

Luckily I didnt buy the phone from her.. What a crazy girl.. -.-”


Anyway.. Scam then scam lah. Which authorized dealer don’t charge more? Singtel don’t charge more? Samsung don’t charge more? (Even when I worked in Samsung previously.. I still paid a high price to buy their mobile phone! Staff discount.. Still very ex eh? But it’s okay. I still love Samsung!!)

If I care about the nitty gritty stuff, I will continue to use my iphone 4s (with occasional problems) liao lah.


Back at home.. Realized that the set I got was from Malaysia! But it’s okay lah. The price and service are acceptable.. The phone can work.. I’m happy already!

My new phone!! :D
So what if the mobile phone was bought from telco shops like Singtel, M1 or Starhub? The only thing for sure is, one would DEFINITELY need to pay more.. One way or another. But does that mean the mobile phones are really brand new and/or free from problems?

My gf and my sis got their Note 3 from Singtel.. And both had problems with their new phones shortly after using!

Then I just chanced upon this article: “New” iPhone 5C bought from Singtel is USED BEFORE!

So.. Yup. I’m happy with my purchase. ;)


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