Happy Birthday to Baby Chloe!

11 Jan

Last week Corrine invited me to her baby girl’s 1 year birthday celebration! Wow, it’s been ages since I last saw the Tyco folks!

The kids wanted to tag along so off we went! (Sneaked out while Stacci wasn’t looking! Haha!) The kids were always so happy to go out! Makes me excited too.. It’s like embarking on an adventure! Haha!

Boarded the double decker bus and the kids had so much fun!
Of course I made sure they were not running (or climbing) around while the bus was moving! ;)

Ran out of things to play and so we started taking selfies! Haha!
LOL @ their funny faces!

Feel so blissful and fortunate to be their aunt! Every single day.


At the chalet..

Saw some of my ex staff from Tyco!
Wow, everyone still remember me! Thank you thank you!! :):)

Check out little Chloe’s birthday cake!
And cute Hello Kitty agar-agar cake!
What a lucky girl! :)

Happy family.. What more can one ask for? :)
The kids love baby Chloe too!
Steffi’s jump shot! xD
The little “lambs” pretended to sleep..
(We were playing the Big Bad Wolf game.. Haha!)

Began to feel tired (gosh, the kids seemed to have endless amount of energy!!) and thankfully..

Corrine’s kids to the rescue!!

Why are they so cute?? ♥

Later the kids decided to “cook”.. Haha!
And I was their customer.. Of course!

Was about to enjoy the “food” when Leroy said, “Wait! Must take photo first!”

And Steffi the “Chef” posed beside the food.. LOL!
The kids didn’t play with their iPads nor ask me to let them play with any iDevices the whole day.. Even when this little boy was playing with his iPad in the same room! Wow! I’m so proud of them!

Time flew and we only reached home slightly past midnight! Must bring them out to play more often so that they won’t play with all the iDevices so much! :)

Many thanks to Corrine for organising such a great party! Miss you all! Hope to meet up again soon!! ♥


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