14 Jan

Knew about CHC more than 10 years ago.

Through my (then) good friend in poly. I experienced how she transformed from a cute, meek and nice friend into a proud, selfish and self-righteous stranger.

She would share how she played with words and did not-so-good things which can be justifiable, while looking smug and so proud of herself.

Sometimes we talked (gossiped, opps) about others doing not-so-good things and she would commented, “The Devil has won” or “The Devil is rejoicing”. Erm.. Need to be so serious..? To err is human.. Isn’t it?

She also told me how she would receive an unexpected amount of money whenever she was feeling broke. (Huh, Jesus become Fortune God liao meh??) But I personally don’t feel that we should be worshipping God just because He can satisfy our materialism…??

After we graduated, I sent her smses and X’mas cards to keep in touch. But there was always no reply.. The only times she would call me were when she needed to find people to attend CHC’s events. (I don’t know.. Do they have a KPI to hit or something??)

Used to think, maybe she wanted to save me because she cares. But if she truly cares, why doesn’t she respond to me on normal days?? I had to face the facts.. My good friend is gone.

Finally I made it absolutely clear to her that I want to be her friend but I’m NOT going to any of the CHC events again! (Yup, I attended with her once.. Never again!) And that was the last time we spoke on the phone.

Felt abandoned. :(


The reason why I suddenly wrote about CHC is.. I just realised that another gf of mine just joined CHCSA! (Still CHC but different subsidary?)

Went to read up on CHC online and watch the Youtube videos.. Actually I must say the CHC people (excluding Kong Hee and gang) are really sweet and caring towards one another! Can understand why most CHC people are so devoted to their church.

But I gotta admit that I still don’t feel comfortable with CHC. Especially after attending the event which was very unpleasant and stressful for me back then and experiencing the nonsense from my CHC (ex) friend previously.

No comments for CHC except.. The truth will speak for itself someday. (I felt this way since 10 years plus ago.. And now, the truth is slowly leaking out. Honestly, I’m really curious to know the truth.. Heh!) There are already many people commenting so there’s no need for me to speak further. ;P

But oh wait, I really wanna say.. Kong Hee is blessed with good health, rather good looks, intelligence and eloquence.. But it makes me so annoyed that he always like to claim that God speaks to him as well as other ridiculous nonsense that are not even found in the bible! He’s just being dramatic.. Which is so fake! Can’t they see through his facade? =\ He already possesses so much.. Why isn’t he satisfied? He can achieve so much more if he put his abilities to good use!

I sure hope God can really pay him a visit and tell him to stop doing wrong things before it’s too late..

(Disclaimer: I’m not a Christian.. But I do respect EVERY religion! Also, I read through the bible before and I rather like some of the teachings in there. It’s people like Kong Hee who makes me wanna avoid going to church.)

I just hope that this big group of nice CHC people (including my gf!!) are in good hands! It will really be saddening if their faith, devotion and love (not to mention their hard earned money) are abused by the very people they trust!


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