Free Movie: I.Frankenstein

22 Jan

Oh yeah, Steven won movie tickets again! He’s so lucky lah! (And lucky me to be his sis-in-law! Haha!)

Pleasantly surprised that it’s a 3D movie! Wow!!
Nice show.. Super love the effects and concepts of the gargoyles! The way they die and ascend to heaven is so beautiful! (Don’t like the way they deceived Adam and tried to kill him though.. How different are they from the demons then??)

But if you ask me.. It feels like the story is about the neverending battle between gargoyles and demons but the script writer (or whoever) simply wants to put the Frankenstein guy in as the main character. Oh wait, he’s not even Frankenstein. He’s Adam. *Rolls eyes* By the way, he don’t even look like the character I knew from books.

Just to illustrate my point..
Throughout the show, we were told that his creator was a guy named Frankenstein. He had no name until the gargoyles queen started calling him Adam. After all the action.. At the end of the movie, Adam suddenly mentioned, “I. Frankenstein”.. Hmmmmm..? What’s that supposed to mean?

Erm.. Is it just me or do you guys also think that’s a very lame to link the movie title to the plot…?

And when, how, what did he do to get a soul suddenly..? When he helped others? When he learnt to love? Or when he was electrocuted?

I don’t know. Maybe I’m not smart enough. Anyone can enlighten me?

Also, the plot reminds me of Van Helsing.. Which was a nice show so I didn’t really mind. Haha! But just wondering, Hollywood.. Don’t tell me you ran out of originality and creativity so fast??

Anyway, we got to keep our nice 3D specs so I’m pretty happy! Wow, it’s not 1 side blue and 1 side red anymore! #IgnorantPris

Once again, thanks for the free tickets and 3D specs!! :)


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