Don’t Stop Dreaming

31 Jan

Dozed off almost immediately when I reached home yesterday and woke up in the middle of the night.

And what’s the best thing to do on a sleepless night? Think! Anyhow think, to be exact. Haha!

That was exactly what I did and it suddenly dawned to me that I stopped dreaming already. (Gosh! When did that happen??!) I used to love dreaming about the cute, perfect prince(S) charming who would fall madly in love with me.. And live happily forever after!

Or imaging myself ice skating so beautifully until no one can take their eyes off me.. Never mind if I never even ice skate before.. LOL!

Or fantasizing myself to be some fairy, nymph or angel flying freely among the magical forests.. Or a saviour who sacrifices herself to save the world and universe! (Good thing about imagination, we can “die” a million times and be revived easily! ;D)

Or it could be just the normal world with me, my (imaginary) guy and lotsa sweet love and romance everywhere.. :)


And there are so many more! Oh my, my special fantasy world is very beautiful and amazing indeed! (Very fun too! Heehee! In my own world, the possibilities are endless!)

Thinking back, maybe that’s my secret to staying young and happy! Heh! ;)

But seriously.. I guess as we grow older, we’ll encounter all sorts of things and become wiser.. Which means we know why things happen and hence, we stop dreaming.. We stop believing in magic and miracles which are beyond our control.. Which are things that we cannot predict.

Since the greatest magic of all is LOVE, some of us would lose the magical ability to love as well. And when we stop loving, we locked up our hearts. Unknown to us, our hearts start to wilt. That’s when we start to lose the twinkle in our eyes.. Become cynical and grow to be doubtful of others and perhaps, of our own selves too.. Feel tired and unhappy most of the time.. And our body start to age rapidly!

Gotta set aside some time to dream! Don’t stop believing!


Not sure if it makes any sense to you. Unfortunately I’m inspired with too many (overflowing) random thoughts for me to express this topic in a clearer way. Please bear with my randomness! ;P


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