Post Valentine’s Day’s Thoughts

17 Feb

Actually I’ve already written and posted my post Valentine’s Day’s thoughts in Facebook.

Somehow I suddenly feel like writing another version, especially for myself. But yeah, you can read it too. ;)

Random Thoughts:

It’s another Valentine’s Day on which I am single. And this time no guy asked me out at all. Actually this don’t bother me.. I was supposed to help my sis to fetch and take care of the kids.. Which made me so eager to rush straight home after work!

The real problem is, there is no guy I want to go out with.

In fact, there is no guy I feel like spending my life with.

Whenever I do my random reflections, I imagine how my future life would be. A happy scenario would me living in MY OWN HOUSE.. Carefree and relaxed. Occasionally organising parties and getting my sis’s kids and my friends to come over. My house will be decorated the way I want!

On the other hand, the thought of having an “intruder” into my life is so uninviting. >.<

When I'm single, I am in control of my own life. I make my own decisions and I'm generally happy. But in the past when I was attached, I was constantly angry, disappointed, hurt, stressed and miserable after the honeymoon period. Perhaps it was just my luck (or rather, the lack of it) that I met the guys when they were not treating relationships seriously.

Things don't happen the way I wanted. I.e. A simple, loving relationship (with NO 3rd party).. It was beyond my control. I couldn’t stop them from cheating on me. And since my last relationship, I can’t find any guy who catch my fancy. Or perhaps I’m just not interested to be tied down?

After getting into relationships and being wooed, I'm seriously tired of the dating scene. Of course I would love to have a sweet, charming and LOYAL boyfriend.. But it seems to me that it's impossible. May as well focus on something that's more definite. Isn't it?

Moreover.. Around me, I see many people putting up with their partners.. Acting like they are happily in a relationship but some of them would reveal that they are actually not that happy together. Or worse, some can act lovely dovey with their partners online and yet flirted with me. (Which I ignored, of course.)

They were so sweet and charming to me.. And I hate to admit it but.. I totally enjoyed the attention. ;P

But nah, not worth it. I don't want unnecessary troubles and bad karma. Can't help thinking if it's a norm for people to take their partners for granted and treat others very nice instead..?

How many people are lucky to find their other halves who will love and honor them until death do them apart?

Wondering if there's any single out there who feels the same as me too?

Anyway, enough of this seriousness! Here's sharing some funny videos.. Haha! Although I must say, there are some truths in them too!




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