Review: Itoh Collagen Powder!!

7 Mar

Recent photos of me~♡

I’m 31. #YesIAmNotLying xD

In fact, I’ll be 32 after this year’s birthday! ;D #ForeverYoung

Friends always ask me, “How do you maintain your youthful looks?”

My answer is always, “Be born with good genes!” (Thanks to my parents! Best gift ever! xD)

But as time goes by, I start to notice my complexion deteriorating! NOoo..!

Gotta be more dilligent and stop taking my #ForeverYoung looks for granted! I gotta live up to my reputation as the *BLCS!! (*Bu Lao Chuan Shuo aka 不老传说. Direct Translation: The Never Aging Legend!) But how??

And one fine day, a “solution” was delivered right to my doorstep!! Hoho!

May I present..

I can’t believe I can get to try this!! THANK YOU SAMPLESTORE!! ♥

Recommended by my 偶像.. Kevin 老师!! ♡

He’s always so knowledgeable and very dilligent in digging out the latest beauty treasures to share on TV! *Claps!*

1 sachet per serving! How neat and convenient! ♥
Although I’m very vain *ahems* conscious of my looks, I rarely take beauty supplements because I don’t like to eat weird stuff. (Yeah, I’m a picky eater!)

However, I checked online for extra info and guess what!! Itoh Collagen is COLORLESS AND TASTELESS! And better still, it’s NON FAT AND SUGAR FREE!! Double yeah!!

But.. Really colorless and tasteless?

Let me put it to the test!

Step 1: Prepare a cup of plain water
Step 2: Pour in the Itoh Collagen! Now we see it..
Step 3: Stir.. And voila! Now we don’t!

Wow! Colorless and tasteless indeed!

Oh yeah! That means I can mix the Itoh Collagen into my coffee, tea, honey and juice too! Isn’t that convenient and easy! Most suited for vain but lazy people like me! Haha! ^^

So so loving this! ♥
Been drinking Yummi House’s honey first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.. (1 of my daily beauty AND health routines.. Shh!) So now I can simply add the Itoh Collagen Powder to my morning drink for added benefits! Yeah! It’s that easy! Cheers to good health AND beauty! ♡

Grab yours today! It’s available at Guardian’s at $49.90 per box!

Let’s grow old gracefully~ ♥


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