Importance of Saving $

12 Mar

Bye Bye $..

The other day I just withdrew $1,000 to pay for stuff..

And I just paid $1,485.25 for my outstanding insurance premiums! Heartache to part with so much money at one shot!! But nonetheless, I’m very glad that I have cleared my insurance debts! Phew!

Can you believe it?? I had outstanding premiums since 2010!! And I was only informed last Dec!!

Sigh, I simply bo chup (can’t be bothered) too much when I was younger. That’s why my finances are in a mess now! But it’s okay, I’m managing them properly now!

Current Plans.. Managing My Finances Properly From NOW On!!

1st: Pay up any outstanding amounts
2nd: Start saving $.. Even if it’s only a few cents!!

Learning From My Past Mistakes..

Used to have the habit of saving when I was in primary school. I remember I had this ducky saving bank and I always felt a sense of accomplishment whenever I saved up until it was full (it was small though, LOL!).. Then I would pass the money to my dad to deposit into the bank for me!

Somehow that habit was forgotten.. And I had a new habit: SPENDING $!

Ashamed to say.. At my current age I don’t have much savings! In the past, I always splurge and waste money on things I didn’t even need. Or giving treats to “friends” who were really just taking advantage of my friendship! Spending money was simply a pastime for me. As long as I had enough money to last me until the next time I received more money, it was good enough for me.

If only I had the right mindset for saving money back then! I could have save a lot by now!

Thankfully, I forced myself to save by starting a savings insurance account because I knew I was always wasting money! At least I still have some savings now.. Which I can only get after 20+ years! (Better than nothing.. Haha!)

Identifying Temptations & Saving For Upcoming Expenditures!

Been wanting to save money but there are simply too many temptations!

Temptation 1
Bought a $4k+ Chopard watch which took me a year to pay in full!
(But it was really a good buy! Normal retail price is $20k+!!)
Boy, was I relieved when it was finally fully paid!

Temptation 2
Went on a lot of trips.. Thanks to budget airlines and all the great deals that are readily available now!

Gonna go to Japan soon.. Kinda worried if I have enough money for lodging and expenses there! I only have a few months to save! #GodSavesMePls

And around the same time, I’ll be resuming my degree course! Already making monthly payments for my studies loan but I still have to fork out another $3k+ because I didn’t manage to borrow the full course fees.

My Current Financial Situation

Still, I’m thankful. Despite my lack of self control (in spending money) and laziness (to manage my finances) previously, I’m not heavily in debts. I still have a regular income (although it’s lesser than what I used to earn, I’m a lot happier!).. Still can afford to buy many things that I NEED and some things that I want (heehee, I still gotta pamper myself at times!).. Plus I still can spare some cash to buy nice things for my loved ones occasionally.

My lifestyle and mindset have changed a lot since joining FHI. Thanks to all the positive influences there!

Loving my current life!!! :)

New-Found Interest In Managing My Finances Properly!

Although I’m (was?) facing some shitty financial problems that had snowballed from my past.. I’m actually enjoying the process of watching my financial problems getting resolved! By me! Wow! I’ve grown up indeed! Feeling so adult!

Oh wait, I AM an adult. Hahaha..

Always feels a sense of accomplishment whenever I pay all my bills! Especially when I cleared my old debts from 2010! Perhaps it’s meant to be. If I had known earlier, would I have the means and maturity to settle the debts? Maybe not? Anyway I trust that what’s meant to happen will happen. :)

Used to enjoy spending money but nowadays I enjoy saving money too! Or perhaps I’m just too motivated by my future house of my very own! Haha!

At this point in time, I’m definitely looking forward to the future! :)

Ending this post with a photo of my well “fed” piggy bank! ♡

It’s amazing how saving all my spare coins every now and then can amount to this much! Wow! I wonder how much money is inside! ♡

Noel was suggesting that I save just 50 cents and $1 coins.. Shall try that with my other piggy bank! So excited! ;D


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