Out with Lynn!

1 Apr

So excited!

Finally it’s Kpopx Fitness Time again! Haven’t been going ever since my class ended.. Missing it so much!!

And today Lynn came with me!! Double yayy!! ♡

Have you caught the Kpopx Fitness craze yet? ;)
Come and join in the fun!! ♡

So glad that Lynn loves it too! Yeah!!

Linus came to join us too! Wah, so stressed to have a certified AI beside me leh! Haha! ☆

Nonetheless, Kpopx Fitness was too fun until I forgot to be shy and self-conscious after a while! Lotsa cute / stylo milo moves! And it really BURNSss!! Shiok sia! ♡


Went Bugis after our class..

Lynn wanted to find this gorgous purple long skirt but the shop only had the green one. Although I love pink, I was very attracted to it!

Decided to try it and Lynn asked me to take photos and show Elaine!

Haha! So here goes~
Posted this in instagram and expectedly got more likes than my usual photos. But then again, I think they really like the skirt and not me lah! #EvenASkirtIsCuterThanMeNOoooooo #NonethelessThanksForLiking #YouGuysBoostMyEgoYAY

I must say the photos turned out better than expected considering I barely had makeup on and I just sweated like mad during the Kpopx Fitness class just less than an houŕ ago! ♡



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