Run here Run there!

17 Apr

What a busy day for me!!

Took cab from Ubi to IBP (To fix my new laptop)

Walked from IBP to Jurong East MRT Station.

Took train from Jurong East to Tampines (To meet my girls for dinner)

Took train from Tampines to AMK..

Shagged max!! I sure hope I burn a lot of calories and fats!!


Previously at the Acer service centre..


Was quite happy that the techician attending to me was a local! (Yes, my fellow Singaporean!) He resolved my problem within 5 seconds. Dunno to be happy or fed up.. Because the solution was so simple!

Yet I couldn’t find it when searching online.. Also, when I called the Acer hotline.. The guy did NOT ask me to try this solution at all! Could have saved me a (very long) trip all the way to IBP!! (Damn you, foreign “talent”! Hope you get your karma!)

Reached Tampines too early and my mobile phone battery was running low! Used my new laptop to charge my mobile phone.. Phew!


Took the chance to work on my assignment as well! :)

The girls came and we finally got to have JPOT!

Tada! Haha! Very refeshing and nice to eat! :)


My steamboat!


Okay, no more photos because I was busy eating after that! Heehee!

Was so glad to be home because I had been traveling around with my laptop and heavy bag! But at least my laptop is up and running again! Yayy! :)


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