Starbucks & Movie!

18 Apr

Supposed to meet Eddy and his friends for dinner before watching movie..

Reached Starbucks and was instantly attracted to it!! Hot mocha!! Wasn’t hungry so I ended up chilling out at Starbucks with my pink Starhubs tumbler instead..

So loving it! ♡ #SimpleBliss #peaceful


Met up with them afterwards and watched 冰封侠!

Kinda disappointed that Donnie Yen acted in 冰封侠. It’s rather crappy.. Funny at some parts but eh.. Donnie Yen is my 大侠 (big hero)!! How can he become a clown?? 

Don’t bother to go to a cinema for the show. Watch it online will do. Not worth paying for the movie tickets. And by the way, the story ends suddenly. I gonna watch part 2 ONLINE when it’s out.. Unless I get free tix? Heh!

(Part 1’s ending reminds me of a scene from 终级三国.. Haha! I dunno, is that based on history..?? But both shows are for different eras though!)


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