Bishan Park!!

19 Apr

Have been living sooo near Bishan Park ALL MY LIFE and yet I never realised what an awesome place it is!! Darn wasted!! Feels kinda bad that I never bring my dogs there at all previously!

Started bringing Cookie there lately.. She seems to like the place too! (Then again, she seems to like ANY place that’s outdoors.. Haha!

Check out some photos that I took previously~

Bishan Park in the Day! (Also Cookie’s 1st Trip to Bishan!)

On our way.. Wow, I never noticed the beautiful sight before! :)

Stopped to admire and take photos.. And Cookie suddenly jumped in, as if she wanted to take a closer look too! Then she turned back and grinned at me.. Haha! What a happy start! ;)

Reached Bishan Park!!
Can’t resist posting this photo again!
She looked so happy! :):):)





Bishan Park at Night!

(Lazy to collate the photos.. Haha!)

The actual sight was a lot more beautiful!
Beautiful tree~
Satisfied Cookie.. :D
Gonna bring her there again later! :)


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