FREE Kpopx Fitness Trial Class at Hougang SRC this Friday, 7pm – 8pm

12 May

As above!

Been going to Kpopx Fitness class since last year.. (Well, it was just newly set up last year!) And personally, I love it!

How could I not? It’s the creation by MADDY! A really bubbly, hyper, cheerful and fun loving instructor with seemingly endless amounts of energy! Her moves are nice to look at and makes me wanna move along with her!

Interested, please call Hougang SRC at 6315 8670/1 to register! No gimmicks, no hidden costs.. Just need to “pay” with your calories, haha!


Due to the launch of ActiveSG, I’ve been going to their free trial classes.. Hoho!! Opps! #BoJio My bad!

Even though the trial classes are FREE, the instructors never slack lor! Darn xiong (as always) but very shiok! Kpopx Fitness is seriously addictive! Did I mention that I’ve already signed up for a regular class (not free, haha!) but yet I still went for the free trials? Which meant 2 or 3 sessions per week for me! But it’s seriously not boring at all!

A typical Kpopx Fitness session..

– Lasts for 50 mins! (Doesn’t feel that long to me though! Time flies when we are having fun!)

– Consists of fun / girly / cute / sexy / stylo milo Kpop + Cardio moves

– Allows you to groove along to 14 different Kpop songs AND the combination of these 14 songs change every session!

– Let you fulfil your secret fantasy to be a Kpop star! (Haha! Or is it just me? ;P)

– Helps you to distress! I notice I smile a lot during the class because I really feel very happy! #HappyAlsoDunnoWhy

Somehow Kpopx Fitness instructors’ positive vibes and energies are so contagious! Many good instructors, for example: Maddy, Michael, Alex, Stephanie, Alicia, Linus.. Just to name a few! Very nice and warm people! ♥

NPNT? Nah, photo is not good enough.. I give you VIDEO! Haha!

Taken (secretly) during 1 of the trial classes! Class conducted by Instructor Alex~

More about Kpopx Fitness:

Youtube Channel

P/S: This is not a sponsored ad although I did attend many of their FREE trial classes.. Haha! 我是心甘情愿写的.. 没有人逼我~~ #Dramatic #LOL

Looking forward to the next class! Woohoo~~♥


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