22 May

Thought it was just a minor cold but it didn’t get better despite drinking lots of water (with slices of lemon) and green tea.

But it got worse.. Gosh, I had runny nose the whole night! By the next morning, I was totally exhausted. Went to visit the doctor and was surprised that I had inflammation in my nose and throat too.

2 days of mc: Eat meal -> Take med -> Sleep.

Felt feverish but when the doctor measured my temperature, it was only 37 degree celsius. Hmm.. Then should I take panadol or not? He didn’t prescribe paracetamol for me though.

That’s basically how I spent those 2 days. Took the stronger med which made me drowsy (and laggy). Wonder how come drug addicts enjoy being in a daze constantly.. >.<

Felt so blissful to have Cookie sleeping beside me while I was sick. Thank God for keeping her alive! :)


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